Honoring Funeral Professionals – Landmark Funeral Home Records Histories of One-Half Century Funeral Businesses!

A wonderful post appeared in Connecting Directors that seemed worthy on mention here on Funeral News.  All too often the news is less than inspiring, so perhaps this will provide some encouragement to those who proudly service in the funeral service industry.  We encourage you to visit Connecting Directors and support Ashley Boyd in her noble efforts!

Asley has started a website, www.landmarkfuneralhome.com, to honor family owned funeral homes who have been in business for over 50 years. Her goal is to “record the histories of the people who paved the way for all the funeral professionals serving families today”. With all the bad press the industry has been getting latley it is refreshing to see someone who is honoring those who founded this industry and have continiued to offer services based on honesty and intergratiy. Continue to read below for more information about LandmarkFuneralHome.com.

Letter from Ashley:

In 2006 I began to work on a project for our family owned funeral home.  My father, Patrick, had decided to renovate one of our locations and part of the renovation was adding a café to the layout.  The café would serve as a place for the family to have coffee, refreshments and talk.  His design idea was to have a Legacy Café, the walls would be covered in the history of the surrounding area, our funeral home and our family, specially designed tables held family and funeral home memorabilia under glass tops for everyone to see.  Graphic design is my specialty so he gave me the job of taking all the stories and memorabilia from my grandparents, his parents, who had started the funeral home in 1958, and creating the café.  Little did we know that the project would take place during the last 6 months of my grandpa’s life.

I began to sit and talk with them, recording all of their stories and creating the frames with information by decade.  The first frame, entitled “Beginnings”, quotes my grandfather saying “When someone dies it is like a library burning down, all the information and knowledge is lost… unless you share it.”  The project was an amazing gift, to make sure that the legacy of the people who shaped my life so strongly was recorded.

This inspired me to create my newest project, landmarkfuneralhome.com.  I decided to take the opportunity to allow other family owned funeral  homes, with a rich history and strong family background, to share their stories.  LandmarkFuneralHome.com gives family owned funeral homes a chance to share their dedication for their communities with the rest of the country.

The site is completely free and open to any family owned funeral home that is 50 years old or older.  My goal is to record the histories of the people who paved the way for all the funeral professionals serving families today.

Many of us joined the funeral industry because of a family member or friend who had touched us with their commitment to the grieving community.  I want to honor those who came before us and helped build the foundations of the business we value so much.

If you would like to join Landmarkfuneralhome.com please contact Ashley Boyd via email; AshleyBoyd1@mac.com.  You can also visit the site and fill out a contact form.


Cafe inside Boyd Family Funeral Home


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