James Hines – Cave Funeral Home Loses License For Cutting Off Deceased Legs!

June 5, 2009

There is no excuse…NONE!

That’s what the South Carolina Board of Funeral Service said through their vote to revoke the funeral home’s license. arthineswjbf

In a story reported earlier (here), the family of James Hines felt that there was something wrong with the service and burial of their loved one.  It had been reported that Hines body had been desecrated – legs cut off – in order to make his 6 ft. 7 in. frame fit in the casket.   Originally the allegation was denied, but after review the facts came to the surface.

Funeral Director Michael Cave admitted that he and Charles G. Cave, an unlicensed worker, carried out the proceedure.  The removed Mr. Hines legs between the ankle and calf with an electric saw and placed them along side the coffin.

A News 12 interview just added to the shock of the situation:

News 12’s Lynnsey Gardner speaks with the whistle blower and the accused.

Chopping off a dead man’s legs with an electric saw; it’s what Charlie Cave admits to doing and he tells News 12 he has no regrets.

“I have nothing to hide. “ Charlie Cave answering few questions about why he cut off James Hines legs with an electric saw, an act the funeral home admitted to the State Board of Funeral Service Monday.

Caves, “Nothing but the truth.“
Gardner, “ Do you have any regrets about anything?“
Caves “Ain’t worried about a thing.“
Gardner, “Any thing to say to the Hines family?“
(Caves Shrugs)

No words offered to a family who’s loved one was mutilated by the business both paid and trusted to care for him.

By revoking Cave Funeral Home’s license – they are forced to close.  In addition to the revocation, Cave was also fined $500 and ordered to pay $1,500 for the investigation.  Prosecutors are considering whether to seek criminal charges which could result in up to 10 years in prison.  Local opinion seems to favor prosecution so that a message will be sent that desecrating a body is unacceptable behavior by funeral service providers.



Funeral Funding Using Insurance Assignments Made Easy – Funeral Homes Should Not Be Banks!

May 21, 2009

While the focus of Funeral News is to report on death-care related events, we consider our sponsor to be an important asset in the advancement of our cause.  As such, we have asked American Funeral Financial to provide this guest article to our readers.  The following was provided by the fine folks at American Funeral Financial, LLC.

afflogoYou just received a first call.  The family is facing something that, for them, is unusual and, in many cases, unexpected – the death of a loved one.   Not only are they dealing with the emotion of their loss, but are soon to be faced with the costs associated with paying for – what for most is one of the most expensive single purchases of their life.

As funeral directors and/or death care providers the family comes to expect, especially in this day and age, expert service.  What the family may be unprepared for is the immediate need for payment for the goods and services that funeral professionals provide.  On the other hand, unless the family can pay with cash, a valid check or major credit card – you, the funeral service provider, are relegated to becoming a bank.

Times have changed and so have expectations.  Assume for a moment that you were to receive your paycheck on Friday and today is Tuesday.  Could you go to Walmart and purchase groceries with the promise of payment from your check on Friday?  Could secure a cell phone from Verizon with the promise of payment in the future?  The obvious answer to these, or similar questions, is a resounding – NO!  It is no longer reasonable to assume that funeral service providers should be forced to wait for their funds considering the difficulty that many face with insurance assignments today.

Due to the rising costs of goods and services, more and more funeral homes and cemeteries are requiring payment in full prior to providing funeral services getcashnow-newor making the interment.  With the economy today, we find more and more families are relying on insurance as the funding vehicle to pay for those services.  Unfortunately, it can take weeks or even months for the insurance company to pay the claim to the beneficiary or funeral home.  In addition, the paperwork associated with funeral financing via an insurance assignment is becoming more complicated and time consuming, taking valuable time away from doing what you do best – serving families.

American Funeral Financial has created an industry leading proprietary system that takes the burden off of you and your staff and makes the process of funeral funding through insurance assignments easy.

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Our team working for your team when you need it the most – because the cash you have today can have a profound effect on the success of your business tomorrow!

Dancing, Waving Wand, and Throwing Flowers – Nicole Marie-Loretta Leonard Admits to Disrupting a Funeral in SC

April 13, 2009

It’s the last opportunity that many have to pay respects to the newly and dearly departed.  Most expect that those in attendance care about the deceased, the family of the deceased or have a direct connection.  What people – reasonable people – don’t expect is that there will be a funeral crasher.  They especially don’t expect it in a sleeply little South Carolina town – the town of Gray Court.  But little did anyone know that as the funeral was taking place, the spirit would hit Nicole Marie-Loretta Leonard from North Carolina to – well crash the somber service.

According to a report from WYFF.com:

A woman who says she had no connection to a funeral danced in front of the service, waved a wand over the casket, opened it and touched the deceased man and then threw the flowers from the casket at the family, deputies said.

Laurens County deputies responded to reports of a disturbance at the Church of God in Gray Court on Tuesday. Those attending the funeral said that the woman had joined the procession. They said once they were seated inside the church, the woman then danced in front of them near the casket. They said after she waved the wand over the casket and had touched the deceased man, she hit him in the head with the wand.The family said after the woman threw the flowers from the top of the casket at them, she drove off in a burgundy Toyota with North Carolina plates.

When that was aired on the news it stunned those who watched.  What would motivate such behavior?  Surely the reporter must have been mistaken or perhaps the deceased had a hidden side that would have caused such an outburst.  No.  Again according to the WYFF report:

Deputies pulled the vehicle over on Interstate 385. They asked the driver, 25-year-old Nicole Marie-Loretta Leonard, about the funeral, and they said she admitted to doing everything the witnesses in church said she did.

Deputies said Leonard told them she behaved the way she did because she “felt it was the right thing to do at the time.” She said she was driving through the area from North Carolina and did not know anyone at the church.

Responses from the funeral:

“Everybody was just kind of flabbergasted, they didn’t know what was going on.”

Perhaps she was influenced by the Ghost Whisperer…?


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